Pharmaceutical Services

When engaging providers, one size definitely does not fit all.  Axon’s intelligent solutions provide innovative technology to connect providers to a range of pharmaceutical assistance programs that offer co-pay help and medicines for free or at a savings.

Axon’s real time approach allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide real time decisions for patients in need of financial assistance.  Our point of service model creates on-demand solutions that help you address complex challenges by streamlining access to specialty products.

Cutting edge technology creates a fully automated self-service model for patient assistance, including:

· Automated Eligibility Verification

· Automated Benefit verification

· Automated Prior Authorization

· Automated Patient Assistance Programs

· Real Time Connectivity for Free-Drug Distribution

· Client analytics

As your partner, we deliver a portfolio of automated patient assistance solutions creating efficient and cost-effective solutions.  This allows you to focus your funds on providing medications to those in need.