Payer Services

Payers must be more sophisticated than ever before with prior authorizations for specialty drugs. Specialty drug criteria to determine medical necessity requires diagnosis specific unit based dosing in a way that does not inhibit patient access to care and is easy for providers to understand. 

To ensure comprehensive, yet easy to use prior authorization solutions, payers must embrace innovative technologies that determine appropriate utilization without delaying patient care. Axon's intelligent technology combines payer requirements for appropriate use with state of the art technology to provide pin-point accuracy and appropriate utilization at the lowest cost. Axon's unique model of on-demand, direst to point-of-service technology prospectively captures diagnosis specific medical necessity with real time prior authorization effectuation.

Our nationwide team of top industry executives provide a portfolio of specialty drug services to help payers ensure appropriate utilization while providing world renown patient care. In today's complicated specialty drug environment, Axon allows payers to interact with providers like never before. As your partner, we deliver the needed resources; be it expertise, software, or medical necessity capture solutions. 


Completeness of Prior Authorization Information - First Submission