Automated Solutions For Medical Benefit and Pharmacy Benefit Drugs

Our Mission

Originally founded in 2009 with a spirit of innovation in specialty drug technology, we continue to innovate and adapt to the modern healthcare landscape. Today, we thrive as a pioneer improving appropriate access to specialty medications while minimizing costs. 

Axon’s highly skilled industry leaders evaluate your needs and implement tools that provide pin point accuracy for complex medical drugs, specialty drugs, and medical procedures. Our scalable offerings assist providers in reducing their costs while at the same time improving efficiencies and patient care. In today’s value-driven healthcare environment, Axon’s approach helps at risk providers adapt and thrive within a changing market.

As your partner, we deliver the needed resources; be it staff, software, or specialty drug capture solutions, directly at the point of patient care.


" Prior authorization is an important yet inefficient administrative task that costs providers precious time and money while increasing wait time for patients to receive their much needed medication."

— Mike Pritts, Executive Vice President of Product Innovation at Surescripts