Hospital Services

In today’s complex environment, hospitals capture less than 10-15% of their high value specialty prescriptions. Often times, specialty prescriptions are transferred many times between different pharmacies causing delays, barriers to care, and high staff costs.

Axon understands specialty prescription limitations and has created specific software solutions to capture, track, and monitor fulfillment of these specialty prescriptions. Axon makes complex specialty drug fulfillment convenient through our unique model of on-demand, direct to point-of-service healthcare to thousands of providers across the country.

Our nationwide team of highly skilled professionals provide a portfolio of specialty drug prior authorization and fulfillment monitoring services. Our scalable offerings assist physicians with specialty drug ordering, prior authorization processing, and fulfillment tracking. We get the specialty prescription to the right pharmacy, your pharmacy or pharmacy partners, while at the same time improving efficiencies and patient care.

In today’s complicated specialty drug environment, Axon’s approach allows hospitals to adapt and thrive within a changing market. As your partner, we deliver the needed resources; be it expertise, software, or specialty drug capture solutions.